This is my page of humble beginnings (Who am I kidding? I still feel like I am just beginning-but I have definitely come a long way)!  

Below is a small handful of my paintings. They are mostly my first art pieces, some more recent, and many are able to be recreated closely.  They are meant to give you an idea of what I can do for your office or home. Available art is under the "Available Art" tab.  

***If you like something but would like it in a different size, color, scripture, or quote...you can commission me to make something for your unique space.
These are some of the pieces that I have created over the years (ALL SOLD): (CLICK on picture-at the bottom of picture is the name of the art)

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Available Art

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Contact Us
Asian Blooms
"Be Still" (white leaf)
"Terracotta" no.1
Set of 9 12X12's
"Artic Chill"
Set of nine 16X20"
"Creative Energy" no.1
"Tears Will Flow" no.1
Set of four 16X20"s
"Amor" no.1
"Beachwood II"
"Fire it Up" no.1
"Refuge" no.1
"We Will Serve the Lord" no.1
"A New Season" no.1
"Chocolate Rush" no.1
"Bluest Paradise"
set of 9 deep edge 12x12"
"Because of Who You Are" no.1
"Torn II"
Set of five 12 x36"
"Be Still and Know"
(In avocado)
"Lazy Day" no. 1
"Avocado Blues" no.1
"For I KNow the Plans" no. 1
(Four piece cross)
"Ignite" no.1
(set of five )
"Eruption" no.1
(Deep edge)
"Wandering" no. 1
(deep edge)
"Crashing Waves" no. 1
"Show Me Your Ways" no.1
"Feeling Nostalgic" no.1
(flow series)
"How I Long For You" no.1
(8 piece set - each 12x12")
He Will Command His Angels" no.1
"Kiss of Creation" no.1
Set of six 18X24"
"Reflections" no.1
(set of nine 11x14")
"Forever Young" no.1
(deep edge set of 3- 12 X36")
"Destination Unknown II" no.1
"Ray of Hope" no.1
"All Fired Up" no.1
"Streams" no.1
"Breaking Ground" no.1
"Inspired" no.1
"Free Spirit" no.1
Set of three deep edge 12 x36"
"Cast Your Cares" no. 1
(scripture painting)
"Into the Wild" no.1
"If Love Ruled the World" no. 1
(flow series)
"Passion for Music" no.1
(deep edge 24x24")
"All is For Your Glory" no.1
(deep edge)
"Sweet Release" no.1
(drip series)
"Do Not Fear" no.1
(scripture painting)
"Heart Touch"